Wayuu Back for Wayuu women in Colombian

WWW.SISSISHOP.COM is Proud to support the Wayuu women by selling these beautiful purses. If you buy one of these purses you will be contributing to this community with your donation .
A bit more .... the Wayuu women in Colombia knitting goes beyond a cultural practice and a legacy of their ancestors; it is a way of thinking and expressing life the way they feel it and desire it. The "susu" everyday mochila is used by women of the wayuu community to keep their personal objects, as well as the product they are currently knitting.
The Wayuu women we work with, are all single mothers that resort to their tradition and culture in order to provide better opportunities for their families. www.sissishop.com is working in this project together with www.attlasis.com #wayuu #colombia #purses

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